8 Reasons to Hire a Web Designer

So you’ve had your website for a while and you’ve been toying with the idea of re-designing it or perhaps you’re just getting started and you know you need a website.

You have two options now you can DIY your website or you can hire a professional.

Thinking about hiring a web designer? Learn 8 reasons why you should invest in a professional design instead of DIY-ing your website. #brandedbossbabe #squarespacedesigner #hiringawebdesigner

First off let me tell you that DIY-ing your website is completely possible and a completely valid option. But it’s time for a #truthbomb. Before you embark on your web design journey ask yourself this: will you be able to create a website that’s not only attractive to you but gets you visitors to take action?

Here’s another #truthbomb: 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a site if the content or layout is not attractive to the user.

That’s why in this post I’d like to share the reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a web designer and investing in a pro design.

1. Hiring a web designer saves you time

There’s a lot that goes into making a website. From understanding how design principles work to understanding color harmony and typography and the basic layout principles that will guide visitors to take certain action. Researching all of this will take time, not to mention the actual time to build a website.

If you’ve never designed a website before, keep in mind that a web designer already has this knowledge under their belt and they can probably knock out your website design project faster than you can imagine.

In short, hiring a web designer saves you a lot of time that you could spend doing other business tasks such as networking with potential partners, marketing, finding clients, working on client projects.. Or you know, just relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine on Friday night.

2. You don’t have the experience in building websites

I’ve already touched on this but most web designers either went to school for this or spent years learning how to do it right if they are self-taught. That’s a lot of time spent mastering our craft to be able to deliver a website that will help you grow your business.

3. Hiring a designer (ironically) saves you money

Now, this might seem counterintuitive, but bear with me for a moment. If you decide to DIY your website, you will probably invest in a template in the attempt to get your site to look the way you envisioned it. But once you buy the template you might realize you don’t have the time to set it up properly or it’s not working the way you imagined it would. Maybe it’s missing a crucial feature that you didn’t realize you needed until it was too late.

If that happens, you’re left with two choices: buy another template or hire someone to add a few fixes here and there. Or you might need to buy a few extra plugins to get the features you need. By the time you’re done with your DIY website, you could wind up spending the same if not more as if you hired a web designer to start with.

What’s worse, if you decide to run paid ads to help get initial traffic to your site or if you want to run a promotional campaign for your new launch, your DIY website could wind up in no new leads, no new clients, and no new sales. In that case, you’re losing money instead of making it and nobody wants that.

4. A web designer will design a website that sells your services

Not to sound harsh or be a jackass, but you probably don’t know how to get your visitors to take action once they land on your site. There’s nothing shameful about it or wrong with it. You do, on the other hand, rock in your own business and get your clients awesome results.

But there is an art to converting visitors into paying clients and customers and any web designer worth their salt will be able to design you a website that gets visitors to buy your products or book your services or download your freebie or take any sort of action on your website.

Unless your visitors are taking action, you don’t have a website, you have an expensive brochure and an expensive brochure won’t grow your business nor allow you to have your dream lifestyle.

5. A DIY website can be recognized from a mile away (or ten)

I hate to say this but you can easily tell when somebody invested in their website design and when they did it by themselves. There are little telltale signs that scream DIY and give your website an amateur look, on top of costing you clients and sales.

Investing in a website designer will make your website look polished and refined and put you ahead of your competition because you will look like a pro.

On top of that, hiring a web designer shows your customers and clients that you’re willing to make an investment in yourself which makes it a lot easier for them to invest in you. This is because investing in your website shows that you care about your brand image and that naturally leads to the conclusion you care about your customers and clients too.

6. Your web designer will make your website look unique

Instead of a cookie cutter template that you decided to use to DIY your website, you’ll get a website that reflects your brand, personality, and culture not to mention your website will look good on all devices. That’s important because more and more people are using mobile devices to browse the Internet.

Just think about yourself for a moment -- how often do you reach for your phone to do some research instead of your computer?.

7. Your website will be optimized for the search engines

Any web designer worth their salt will do the initial SEO optimization to help your website rank better in search engines. They will properly implement keywords and some web designers can even work with you to come up with an ongoing SEO strategy so you can get more organic traffic instead of relying on the ever-changing social media algorithms.

8. You’ll look like a pro

I’ve already kind of mentioned this, but it’s worth repeating it one more time. All of the above will make you look more trustworthy and put you ahead of the competition.

When your website is easy to use and has a professional design and when it uses trust signals and ranks well in the search engines, you will have an easier time converting visitors into clients and customers than someone whose site doesn’t look as polished.

Think about it for a moment and put yourself into your client’s shoes — would you rather buy from someone whose website looks polished, is easy to use and you can easily see that your information is safe and that other people have successfully done business with this person or company before?

Or would you rather buy from somebody whose website is hard to navigate and you can’t understand what they’re doing or what are you supposed to do on their website? I think the answer is rather obvious, don’t you?

So there you have it girlfriend! Those are eight reasons why you should hire a web designer. Have I convinced you yet? Excellent! In that case, hop on over to my services page and let’s get you a website that converts as good as it looks!

Still weighing your options? Download my intro packet and explore how we can work together.

Thinking about hiring a web designer? Learn 8 reasons why you should invest in a professional design instead of DIY-ing your website. #brandedbossbabe #squarespacedesigner #hiringawebdesigner