How to create a custom thank you page with sharing buttons on Squarespace

Squarespace comes with this awesome feature called cover pages. Cover pages have many uses and one of my favorite ways to use them is to create a custom thank-you page that looks very similar to a thank-you page created with Leadpages. The difference is, you don't have to spend any money on Leadpages to get it.

In this video, I'll show you how to use Squarespace cover pages to create a thank you page with sharing buttons. In one of my last posts, I showed you how to create a simple landing page on Squarespace and now I want to show you how you can redirect that landing page and the sign up form to a more exciting and super useful Thank You page.

What happens is once someone fills out your sign up form and clicks on the sign up button, the page will redirect us to a Thank You page where your visitors can click on the sharing buttons and help you promote your lead magnet or any other offer that you have going on.

This has the potential to grow your email list by leaps and bounds and I wanted to show you how you can easily do it on Squarespace. Click the play button and watch the video tutorial or keep scrolling for written instructions below the video.

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Set Up Your Thank You Page

For starters, go to the Not linked section and click the + sign to create a new page.

Choose the cover page and then select the cover page layout that you prefer.

You'll then want to add your logo and customize the text to thank your visitors for subscribing and encourage them to share the freebie.

You can also add images to make your page look more attractive. Feel free to use an image you already have that's on brand or search for an image on Unsplash, like I have done in this tutorial.

Add the Sharing Buttons

The next step is to actually add the sharing buttons, but before we do that, you need to grab the URL of your landing page so go ahead and do that real quick.

Then, you need to go and make your sharing links. For example, let's go with Facebook so paste the URL of your landing page, add the custom title and a sentence or two about what it is. You can even upload an image if you want. When you're done, click on generate link. Copy that link and then go back to your thank you page and paste the link for the first button.

If you want to add another sharing button, you can simply repeat the process. If you want them to share the link on Twitter, don't forget to add your Twitter handle in there.

When you're done with the second sharing button, click Save.

Don't forget to edit the style settings for the page and change the colors and the fonts to match your brand and do the usual prettifying of the page.


Create a Form Redirect

Lastly, it's time to redirect the sign-up form to our pretty thank you page that we've just created. Copy the URL slug and then go back to your landing page. Click on edit page content and then in the newsletter form under advanced go to the post submit HTML section. Here, you're going to add a little snippet of code that tells the browser that after a second the page gets redirected to the Thank You page.

Test the form to make sure the redirect works and you're good to go. Congrats, babe, you've just made a thank you page with sharing buttons on Squarespace.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you will be promoting and if you want to unlock the secret to attracting your dream clients and getting booked out, be sure to take my free Brand Personality Quiz.

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