How Holistic Squarespace Design Can Get You Booked Out With The Right Clients

This year marks my 7th year in business and boy, has it been an exciting ride. While I can’t say that I wanted to be a web designer since I was little, I can say with absolute certainty that seeing someone’s vision to come to life and being a part of creating their online presence is the best part of my job.

Getting your website online is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure. When you create a website with strategy behind it, you can get booked out with the right clients without constantly hustling on social media. Learn how in this post. #anaameliodesign #squarespacedesign

Over the years, I’ve worked with amazing business owners and helped them launch and grow their businesses. Of course, throughout those years my process has evolved and changed, especially when I realized that designing a website is not where the story ends. In fact, it’s quite the opposite -- getting your website online is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

Thanks to my wonderful clients, I realized that most of them aren’t really sure how to use their website to its fullest potential. And some of them even came back to ask me what they should do now that their website is live.

Those repeat questions made me rethink my web design process which initially consisted of designing a beautiful website or an online store that matched your brand to a T. Those questions made me realize that I was leaving a lot my clients in a kind of a “sink or swim” situation.

And that is not what I wanted at all!

With all of that in mind, I slowly began to restructure my web design packages and changed the way I approach the design. I went into full-on research and learning mode and I dug deep to come up with a solution that will not only put your business online but also help you get found and attract your dreamiest of clients while streamlining your onboarding process.

You see, your website is a powerful tool. When designed and used right, it’s your business BFF, your employee of the year, your start student… however you want to call it.

And that’s what the holistic design is all about.

Here’s how it goes down.

The Roadmap Stage

Before any design takes place, we sit down with a cup of hot coffee for a virtual coffee chat. During this chat, we create something I like to call your Website Roadmap. The Roadmap begins with taking a detailed look at your existing online presence. Then we discuss your business goals and vision.

Based on that, we come up with a website layout, look and feel that matches your brand. We also brainstorm the ideal client journey and content ideas that will help you attract those dreamy clients.

The reason behind the roadmap is simple: over the years I’ve come to realize there is no way to get to know your business in 15 minutes during the discovery call. And if you want a website that will work for you, I need to dig deep and really get to know your business.

By the end of our coffee chat, you will have a detailed PDF document as well as the call recording that will serve as the foundation for your website’s design.

The Connect + Convert Stage

Once the strategy is done, we will work on implementing the roadmap to connect with your ideal audience and convert them into dreamy clients. We’ll create the perfect lead magnet that speaks to their problems and makes them say “YES! That’s exactly what I need!” when they see it.

We will put up a custom landing page that makes it easy for you to build your email list while you’re prepping for website launch and build hype around your new online presence. This will make it easy to test how your lead magnet is doing so you can continue to use it to grow your list on auto pilot.

During this stage we will also create a simple marketing plan that will show you how to get found on Google and won’t leave you overwhelmed trying to be in all places at once. (with no results to show for it, either! Ain’t nobody got time for that, sister!)

We will also create a nurture sequence that continues building a relationship with your audience and get it installed in MailChimp, ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign.

The Design + Automate Stage

Once you have your Connect + Convert plan done, it’s time to let the magic happen. During this stage, we’ll get to work on designing a website that not only looks good but also aligns with your business goals and makes it possible for you to grow your business.

While you get to relax, I’ll get to work on your site. I’ll design up to 7 pages on the Squarespace platform which will include all the usual pages like Home, About, Contact, Work With Me, and the Blog.

By the time your website is done, you will also have a couple of extra pages that will streamline your client on-boarding and optimize it for conversions, based on your business needs and focus. These can include a fully automated booking page, a lead magnet optin page so you can nurture your tribe, a sales page that you can edit when you’re ready to launch your program, and a thank you page that will help you grow your list even more.

These are your first steps towards automating the boring parts of your business so you can spend more time doing the things that fill you with joy. You know, things like working with clients, binge-watching Suits or reading a good book.

Walkthrough + Training Session

Now that your website is done and you have your roadmap and visibility plan, we’ll meet up for another coffee chat and I take you behind the scenes of your website. During our chat, I’ll walk you through the backend, show you how to make changes, add new pages, write new posts, and answer any and all questions you have about your new website.

By the end, you will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your website is working for you even while you’re sleeping and feeling empowered to confidently edit any part of your site.

You will also get access to my exclusive Client Lounge with training videos and your recording session that will help you do even more with your website. We’re talking creating custom landing pages, hiding multiple pins in your blog post, creating unique, split layouts, and more.

Celebrate + Launch

Finally, we will celebrate the launch of your new website. I’ll share your new website on my social media and through my email list to help you get more eyeballs on it. At this stage, you’re more than welcome to bring a mimosa or crack open a bag of chips, whichever floats your boat more. 😉

Is … Included In The Holistic Squarespace Design Package?

In case you have even more questions and want to know if something is included or not, let me start by saying: In most cases, the answer will be yes. The only time you will get a “sorry no” from me is if a particular something cannot be done either because I don’t have the necessary skills (although that might just prompt me to go acquire those specific skills) or it cannot be accomplished with Squarespace. Or if you ask me to teach you underwater basket weaving. Or you know.. Something that goes against my moral code.

But since I realize the above might still be a tad too vague, here are some specifics:

  • Can you integrate x with my website? -- In most cases, yes. If the third-party tool has an embed code functionality, it can be added to Squarespace. If there isn’t a direct way to integrate an app, we can explore options through Zapier or alternative solutions. Most third-party tools like Mailchimp, Calendly, social media platforms, Active Campaign, LeadPages, can easily be integrated without any issues.

  • Do I get any revisions? -- But of course (said in my most Brittish accent… which is non-existent. But if I had one, I’d sound like a female version of John Cleese). You get two rounds of revisions however, thanks to the strategy session, most of my clients rarely request one.

  • How long does this whole enchilada take? -- 2 weeks. We spend the first week strategizing and working on your Connect and Convert strategy. The second week is dedicated to website design.

  • Do I get SEO and Google Analytics? -- Yes, yes you do. SEO optimization is included in your website design package and you even get suggestions for SEO optimized content during the Connect and Convert stage. Google Analytics will be integrated into your website and we will set up basic goals that can be tracked so you know what’s working and what’s not.

  • What about a mobile website? -- You don’t need a separate mobile website. Squarespace is designed to be responsive out of the box as well as all of their templates so you can rest assured that your site will look great on all devices.

  • Will my website look like the default template? -- No it won’t. Your website will be designed to support your business goals and will use your brand colors and fonts. In some cases, I will also add custom styling to make sure your website is as unique as you are.

  • What if my website is on Wix or WordPress? -- In that case, you have two options: we can transfer your website over to Squarespace (with no content lost and little to no downtime) or you can book a Design Day separately where we can create a strategic website roadmap which you can then implement yourself or hire a designer that specializes in those platforms.

  • How come you work so fast? -- Thanks to Squarespace! I used to think Squarespace is very limited but once I dug deep into the platform I realized how powerful it is and how much faster it allows me to complete a design project.

  • Will you move or link my domain over or do I need to start from scratch? -- You won’t need to buy a whole new domain (unless that’s what you want of course). I will move your domain to Squarespace or link it up with Squarespace, depending on how you bought it.

  • Do I get email? -- While Squarespace doesn’t offer email addresses, you can sign up for GSuite directly through Squarespace.

  • What if I am just getting started and don’t have a brand? Do I get a logo, color palette, and stuff? -- The answer honestly depends on your unique situation. If you’re absolutely 100% sure in your business direction and have the financial backing to invest in a custom brand, then we can work out a custom brand and design package. However, if you aren’t ready for a financial commitment that comes with a custom brand and design, I will point you in the direction of DIY resources that won’t break your budget but will allow you to get online confidently.

  • Will you write my website content? -- No, that has to come from you. However, I do provide you with a website copy workbook chock full of prompts and guides on what should be included on each page of your site. And if you are absolutely stuck and need help with your copy, I will put you in touch with one of my favorite copywriters and she will knock your socks off.

  • Why should I hire you? — I get it. Hiring someone is never an easy decision and while I could tell you that you should hire me because I work fast, I look at the entire picture, and I am bound determined to get you a website you absolutely love, I will let one of my clients speak for me:


Thanks to Ana, I want to marry my website!

I've hired Ana to help me with my website design and integrations and she's gone over and beyond. She knows all the social stuff too and gives great advice. My Instagram is humming and I'm getting new subscribers each day!


So…What Now?

Here’s the thing, girlfriend. You don’t need a website. A website does you no good. A website won’t bring in more money in your bank. A website won’t let you get that work life balance you keep hearing about. And a website won’t grow your business in a way that supports your dream life.

You need a platform that:

  • Allows you to show the world what you have to offer and get found

  • Connects you with your dream clients

  • Streamlines your onboarding process and gets you booked out and your programs sold out.

It’s a simple as that. The only question is… are you ready to give your business the star treatment it deserves? Then book a free discovery call and let’s get you started.

Learn how holistic design experience can get you booked out with the right clients so you can get out of the hustle mode and enjoy life more. #anaameliodesign #squarespacedesign