10 Things Your Website Needs

Want your website to convert? Make sure you have the following ten elements in place

Want to know the secret to a website that converts? I’ll give you a hint: It doesn’t matter how much you paid for the design, or if you have the latest and the greatest optin form and plugin installed.

It doesn’t matter if you are using WordPress or SquareSpace, a Genesis child theme or Divi or if you DIY-ed your entire website.

The real reason most websites fail to convert is rather simple: there’s is too much going on!

I know...

Mind-blowing right?

While it is my business as a branding and design expert to create the website according to your wishes, it’s also my duty to coach you on the best practices if you want a website that converts.

Don’t get me wrong: great design matters. Appealing colors and beautiful typography matter. But if you ignore the single most important thing, your perfect color scheme and breath-taking typography won’t amount to much.

So let’s get down to business!


This checklist is rather simple: an actual checklist of things your website needs if you want to get more clients, more email subscribers, more leads, more... you get the point!

Onward, Sparky! Let’s make sure your website does NOT belong into the STINK category! 



Your homepage should have a clear goal established from the beginning. What is the most important goal for your website? Do you want to get more client leads? More email subscribers? More customers? While all of these are crucial, the important thing to remember is to ALWAYS have ONE clear goal.

See, the thing is, if you give people too many choices, as in “oh, check out my About page and learn how awesome I am, and don’t forget I also provide xyz services, and Oh, here’s my portfolio, and while you’re at it, could you be a doll and give me your email address too?” they will back out faster than you can say fiddlesticks.

Don’t make that mistake. Focus your homepage on ONE GOAL ONLY!

With that said, here’s your checklist baby!

  • Your logo - build that brand recognition hun!

  • A smiling headshot of you - show them you’re a real person!

  • Clean and easy to navigate menu

  • One clear goal - it’s okay to include two different optin forms if your main goal is to grow your email list. But if you want to get more sales then your homepage should revolve around the products in your store. And if you want to get more client leads, yup! You guessed it- focus on promoting your work with me form/page!

  • Your branding elements - colors, fonts, imagery




Your inner pages will depend on your business and your brand. It’s safe to assume you will have an about page and a contact page. The rest of your pages will either be your services pages or your product pages. Or maybe ... both! Le Gasp!

Either way, there are a few key elements that need to be included on those pages as well and, of course, we are still focusing on ONE GOAL ONLY!

With that said, here’s the inner pages checklist!

  • The header area with your logo and navigation should be the same across all your pages. Otherwise, you’ll confuse the visitors and potential clients and that’s no good.

  • Include a smiling photo of you on the About page - you can also include a photo of your workspace or your office. Show them bits and pieces of you - potential clients will love you, I promise!

  • Focus the copy of your About page on THEM - tell them what you can do for them, how you can help them, don’t just drone on and on about your life so far. I’m sure you’re lovely but I want to know how you can help me! So does anyone else who might need your services. Or products.

  • One clear goal - what should they do after they know how your wonderful business can help them? Do they need to see your portfolio? Perhaps the way your special product is made? Lead them there and ONLY there.

  • Your branding elements - colors, fonts, imagery

  • Your contact page should include either your email address or a contact form. Optionally, you can include your social media profiles.

  • If you offer multiple services, each of them should have a separate page that describes the service and links to appropriate hire me/book me form. (Or, include it at the bottom of that page.)

  • If you have a portfolio, resist the urge to include every.last.portfolio.piece. Show your best and ONLY your best work.

  • Testimonials page - you can create a separate page for all your lovely testimonials but don’t be afraid of using one or two on your homepage and on the services page.

  • A clear and easy checkout process - don’t ask for more information than you need. If you sell digital products, what’s the point of asking for their physical address? 



The biggest mistake people make with landing pages is that they leave exit opportunities everywhere. What are exit opportunities? It’s simple - the links to other pages on your website or an actual button that says GO BACK!

Your landing page has a single goal: to convert the visitor into a buyer, client, or a subscriber. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and allow them to leave.

And now... the landing pages checklist!


  • If there is one area on your website where your header and footer have no place, it’s the landing page. Eliminate those as they serve no purpose other than giving them an easy way out.

  • Include a photo of the product you’re promoting - visuals help people convert so don’t be afraid to get creative and show how your product can be used. It’s even better (and perhaps even the best option) if you can include a video.

  •  Focus the copy of your landing page on the benefits of the product - don’t confuse features of your product with the benefits. Case in point: you’re not selling them a white coffee mug that holds 3 oz. of coffee - you’re selling them the happy/relaxed feeling they will have if they drink coffee from your mug with a positive message on it.

  • Include the buy button several times over.

  • Your branding elements - colors, fonts, imagery

  • Testimonials, galore! This is one page where you should include more than a couple of testimonials. If your product has been featured in a publication, flaunt that too! Prove your worth dear!




The last piece of the puzzle is your blog page. This is where you share your knowledge, where you prove you know what the hell you’re doing. Avoid overcluttering your sidebar and blasting people with optin forms.

Here’s the (last) checklist!

  • Header area with your logo and clean navigation.

  • Featured images for your articles that align with your brand

  • Clutter-free sidebar. Don’t include social media follow icons AND your Pinterest widget, a Facebook likebox, an Instagram widget, and a Twitter feed. Pick one or the other but do bear in mind that you’re giving them an opportunity to leave your site and lose them to the wonderful trap of social media. Instead, use your sidebar as an opportunity to link to your other posts, or related service pages.

  • Limit your optin forms to a maximum of three - any more than that and you’ll annoy them. A sidebar optin form probably won’t work but a slide-in optin form paired with an optin inside your post might just be the winning combination.

  • Your branding elements - colors, fonts, imagery




Congratulations, you made it to the end! Wondering what’s next? How did your website do? Does it have all the elements? Do you need to rework some things? That’s okay, we’ve all been there at some point in time. The important thing is that you now know the most important elements of any website.

P.S. Not sure if your website is up to snuff? I’d be happy to help. Book your free discovery call and let’s get you a website you love!