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Squarespace Designer for Intuitive Business Owners

If summer was the only season, I'd be the happiest woman alive.

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I see you over there...

You’re tired of working on your website, making tweaks that leave you feeling and looking like an amateur.

You feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, THINK you should do, and all the tech that comes with it. 

Who wants that? Certainly not you!

That’s why I’m here. I’m on a mission to help you make your website look awesome, create a plan for your business growth, and help you kick business overwhelm to the curb!

I'm your kind of gal if you're:

  • a business coach, writer, VA or calligrapher looking to uplevel their brand and website

  • a brave creative soul with a head full of dreams who isn’t afraid to take risks and go against the grain to create your dream life, who wants to work less, earn more, and spend more time enjoying the little things in life

  • tired of constantly tweaking your website wondering why your visitors aren't converting

  • if you have no clue why your website visitors aren't buying your products or booking your services

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Hi, I’m Ana Amelio.

I’m a Squarespace designer and content marketing strategist for creative and intuitive female service providers. I believe you can make your dreams a reality and make money doing what you love. I have an unrelenting passion for learning and systems and have a knack for reading people and making (mostly correct) guesses which platform your website was built on. I know your website is only one part of the puzzle that makes your business.

In other words, when you partner with me, you won’t just get a pretty website. Together, we’ll work to create a website that supports your business (and life!) goals and a plan that will help you create success on your terms.

 The 411 on me

  • Favorite color: blue

  • Favorite food: lasagne

  • Favorite beverage: green tea and lemon ice tea

  • Myers-Briggs type: INFJ-T

  • Tendency: Obliger

  • Strengths Finder: Intellection, Connectedness, Input, Belief, Learner


Favorite book: (business) Big Magic / (non-business) By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept

Favorite music genre: alternative rock

Favorite pastime: calligraphy

 My entrepreneurial journey

Come back and edit this.


Here at Ley Design, it’s my mission to help creative and intuitive female entrepreneurs to create smart and beautiful websites and business resources that help them get found online, attract their ideal customer and streamline onboarding process so they can get over tech overwhelm and finally move forward with their business.

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I believe that every business, no matter how big or small, deserves a beautiful website that supports their business goals, doesn’t take years to launch or a science degree to maintain, and, most importantly, doesn’t require you to sell your soul or promise your first newborn as payment. 

I believe in making dreams come true, having your cake and eating it, and love being more powerful than any obstacle. 

I know that entrepreneurship and motherhood can go hand in hand.

I create opportunities instead of waiting for opportunities to find me. I use my powers for good, not evil.

Trust, integrity, and loyalty is everything. I loathe false promises and hyped up pitches that promise the moon and deliver anything else but. 

I embrace imperfect action over perfect paralysis. 

I want nothing more than to help badass boss babes launch and grow a thriving online business that helps them make their dream life become a reality. I go above and beyond to make that happen.

I strive for keeping it simple and manageable instead of overwhelming and complicated .

I feed off laughter, creativity, dreams, and passion. 

I believe that nothing is impossible, that the stumble is a part of the dance, and that life is too short to live it on someone else’s terms. 

Assholes and dishonest people have no place here, whether as customers, clients or members of my community. Also, raceism, ageism, sexism, and any other bigtory-born BS and -ism can go take a hike.

I am not for everyone. I have a weird sense of humor, get a kick out of sarcasm, believe in LOA and use tarot and oracle cards to get guidance in all areas of my life. I wear my heart on my sleeve, tell it like it is, and take my work seriously.

In the end.. it all boils down to this:

TLDR version: I live for making pretty and smart websites for creative and intuitive entrepreneurs like you.

Your website should be more than just a pretty online space. It should help you get found online, get you booked out with dream clients, and take care of the boring admin tasks that suck out your soul so you can spend more time relaxing, sipping mimosas, binge-watching Netflix, and enjoying life.

The question is… are you ready to make that happen?