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Squarespace Designer for Intuitive Business Owners
Thanks to Ana, I love my website so much I want to marry it!
— Drea Fecht,
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You don’t have to live on Starbucks and stock up on dry shampoo.

You don’t have spend another night ordering pizza for the kids. 

I’m here to save you time, money, and sanity by saving you from tech overwhelm.

No more Googling how to add a cool border around your button or how to add Facebook chat to your website...

Or how to create several opt-in forms to test out each of your lead magnets. (Huh? How?)

From beautiful design and tech know-how, I got your back. 

Wash your face and let's create a website that converts as good as it looks. 

It’s time to stop wasting time trying to do everything on your own.

Are you ready to get back to doing what you love and cross off website design off your list?

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Hi, I’m Ana.

I believe that making money doing what you love is not a fairy tale.

I’m a Squarespace designer and content marketing strategist for female creatives. In other words, if you’re a coach, a calligrapher, a writer or a VA, we’re going to get along just fine.

When you partner with me, you won’t just get a pretty website. You’ll walk away with website that supports your business (and life!) goals and with a plan that will help you create your definition of success.


  • 5 years old - wanted to be a surgeon and open florist shop at the hospital so I can buy all the scented pens I could get my hands on

  • 8 years old - started my imaginary P.I. agency … with Bruce Willis as my partner

  • 18 years old - went to college because “that’s what you’re supposed to do”

  • Dropped out of college - surprise!

  • While still in college, I got my hands on my first computer ever and developed gaming skills because I had to write a paper about the role of language in virtual communities

  • Became a guild leader aka head nerd of a bunch of online gamers

  • Decided to learn HTML because my guild needed a website and I stepped up

  • Between a divorce, second marriage, and two trans-Atlantic moves, I wanted a creative outlet that would allow me to help support my family

  • (Un)Fortunately for me, everyone deemed me too old for the job at the age of 29!

  • My genius husband said “how about doing that website stuff for money?”

  • 7 years later, I’m having a blast seeing my clients kick ass in their business

  • My husband is still celebrating his one moment of glory and rubbing it in

Here's what my clients say...

Megan Hibar
Working with Ana was an absolute dream! I finally feel like I have someone who completely understands my brand, my mission, and how I want my website to look. After struggling to get my site to look how I want it, I finally relinquished control (which was hard for me) over to Ana, and it was the best decision for my business to date! Thank you so much for getting me, my brand, and my business so well!
Ana is a website WIZARD! I had a vague idea of what I wanted and she helped me get clear and make my vision come to life! I felt like a kid at Christmas when she delivered my website. I can’t recommend her enough and I’m not ashamed to say I love my website so much that I should marry it.
Web design testimonial

In the end.. it all boils down to this:

Your website should be more than just a pretty online space. It should help you get found online, get you booked out with dream clients, and take care of the boring admin tasks that suck out your soul so you can spend more time relaxing, sipping mimosas, binge-watching Netflix, and enjoying life.

The question is… are you ready to make that happen?